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CareerThesaurus helps students across the country discover their unique career options and they are loving it!

Carolyn Thomas

Graduate Student

This is the best career resource site I have ever came across.

Mo Wad

Software Engineer at XING

The whole idea behind this Career Assessment is brilliant!

Joseph Manzo

Assistant Principal at Staten Island Technical High School

It's innovative. It’s visual. It’s very easy to use; and yet, it gives tons of substance to the students. I’m a Big Fan!

Natalia P Zhikhareva, PhD

Psychological Assistant

As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, I am thrilled to see such application of personality tests in helping people discover their passions! It is very much on point. P.S. I am pleased to have my life calling reaffirmed by CareerThesaurus.

Officer at the Office of Guidance of School Counseling

Department of Education

There is a plethora of useful information that will be a good resource for students and school counselors.

Yvette Wilson

Richmond County School District

CareerThesaurus is absolutely awesome! We’ve been needing a tool like this for a long time.

Robert Crowder

Part-Time Job Seeker

The Career Test was right on point! It confirmed the career that I was passionate about. Simply amazing.

Erica Finley

Morgan County High School

CareerThesaurus is effective and very engaging platform. I love visual aspects of it.

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