Career Ideas


With the economy the way it is a lot of people are trying to come up with new career ideas. While many require a substantial amount of money to begin, some can be very cheap or cost nothing, One thing that almost all require is some sort of career training or additional education.

Here is a list of career ideas that don’t necessarily cost that much to start:

Become a writer

Many people find that they have a passion for writing. Today, writers are in high demand, because as the internet grows, it needs to provide more content and that content is usually the written word. To check out how much money you can make writing, click here .

Become an Insurance Broker

Insurance has always been a profitable business. But like many other businesses you need to be able to sell. So, if you have the “gift of gab” and think you could be a good salesman, or if you r already have sales experience of any kind, this might be a good option. You need to check with your State’s Insurance commission to take the appropriate courses and get you license. If you’d like to know how to setup your own online Insurance agency, click here.

Become a Real Estate Broker

Huh real estate? Bu the market stinks. Wrong!!,! This is exactly the time to get into the real estate sales business. Many investors and first time home buyers are taking advantage of the depressed real estate market to get good deals on local real estate. Again, you’ll have to check with your State’s Dept. of Licensing to see what you have to do to get a license but it’s not that difficult. For a guide to becoming a super successful real estate agent/broker, click here .

Become a Professional Photographer

If your passion is photography, you may want to consider becoming a professional photographer. Many new photographers sell their work online and make very good money. For a guide to learn how click here

Learn PhotoShop and Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in high demand, again because of the constant growth of the internet. Just go to Craigslist and see how many people need graphic design work. They command very high prices and its something you can do from home. For an easy guide to Learn how to use Photoshop software and create professional graphic designs, click here .

Become a Professional Chef

Know how to cook. Love to cook? Become a professional chef! While this idea requires some real train, once you’ve completed it the job market for professional chefs is huge and will always be. People need to eat and while restaurants are always going out of business new ones are popping up all the time. For more details on becoming a chef, click here .

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