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Conservation scientist

A conservation scientist is a museum professional who works in the field of conservation science and whose focus is on the research of cultural heritage (e.g. art, artifacts, buildings, and monuments) through scientific inquiry. Conservation scientists conduct applied scientific research and techniques to determine the material, chemical, and technical aspects of cultural heritage. The technical information conservation scientists gather is then used by conservator and curators to decide the most suitable conservation treatments for the examined object and/or adds to our knowledge about the object by providing answers about the material composition, fabrication, authenticity, and previous restoration treatments.

The main responsibility of a conservation scientist is to provide analytical and technical support for the preservation and restoration of cultural objects using scientific analysis and techniques.[1] These tasks are accomplished primarily in four ways: 1.) the identification of materials and fabrication of an object, 2.) studying the degradation mechanisms of the objects, 3.) developing and testing conservation-restoration treatments, and 4.) developing and testing new analytical techniques and equipment. Each task is properly documented by conservation scientists with such information as composition, condition, history, and suggested treatments.[1] Additionally, many of these tasks require conservation scientists to collaborate with other museum professionals and industrial/mainstream scientists in order to properly accomplish them, in particular with conservators and curators (see Related positions).

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Recent Conservation Scientist Job Listings

FISHERIES & WILDLIFE BIO SCIENTIST III (Official portal of the State of Florida) - Fellsmere, FL

Conservation Educator: Outreach (Environmental Jobs) - New York City, NY


OPS BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST I (Fish Bio) (State of Florida) - Jacksonville, FL

FISHERIES & WILDLIFE BIO SCIENTIST II (Official portal of the State of Florida) - Naples, FL

Project Manager/Senior Environmental Scientist (Vanasse Hangen Brustlin) - New York City, NY

Scientist III / Fisheries Scientist (Owl Ridge Natural Resource Consultants, Inc.) - Fairbanks, AK

Conservation Partnerships Coordinator (Rainforest Trust) - Warrenton, VA

Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Department of the Interior, US Fish and Wildlife Service) - Albuquerque, NM


OPS BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST I (Fish Bio) (Official portal of the State of Florida) - Jacksonville, FL



Research Scientist 1 - Water Pollution (Environmental Conservation, Department of) - Albany, NY

Soil Scientist (National Older Worker Career Center) - Bismarck, ND

F&W BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST III (State of Florida) - West Palm Beach, FL

Outreach Specialist / Coastal Scientist (Lynker Technologies) - Tuscaloosa, AL

Soil Scientist (National Older Worker Career Center) - Bismarck, ND

OPS Fish& Wildlife Biological Scientist II (State of Florida) - Saint Petersburg, FL

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