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Criminal investigation

Criminal investigation is an applied science that involves the study of facts, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. A complete criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various methods of investigation.[1] Modern-day criminal investigations commonly employ many modern scientific techniques known collectively as forensic science.

Criminal investigation is an ancient science that may have roots as far back as c. 1700 BCE in the writings of the Code of Hammurabi. In the code it is suggested that both the accuser and the accused had the right to present evidence they collected.[2] In the modern era criminal investigations are most often done by government police forces. Private investigators are also commonly hired to complete or assist in criminal investigations.

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    Others enjoy the work of criminal investigation after a career in law enforcement or the military. They might want to stay active in law enforcement. Working as an investigator often allows an individual to stay in the same field while transitioning to private work.

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    Most criminal investigation careers are with government law enforcement agencies, but some careers are available in the private sector. Local and State Law Enforcement The most common career path in criminal investigation is to work as a police officer with state or local law enforcement agencies.

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    In fact, detective and investigator careers are a popular ambition for aspiring criminal justice professionals. If this is a job that interests you, you'll want to know what detectives do, where they do it and how they do it.

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    The path to a criminal investigator or detective career can begin with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Coursework typically includes criminal justice ethics, homeland security and terrorism, police organizations and administration, and community policing.

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    Company with Criminal Investigator jobs Correct Care Solutions CCS is a national public healthcare leader caring for underserved patients in correctional settings, psychiatric hospitals and residential t

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    Criminal Investigator: Career Guide. One job in the field of criminal justice that offers a great deal of variety is that of criminal investigator (CI). The work of criminal investigators has been glamorized on television and in the movies; on television shows, the crime is always solved within an hour, but that is not the case in real life.

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    Criminal Investigator Job Salary Information In 2013, detectives and criminal investigators earned a mean salary of $79,000. Those in the 90th percentile earned over $125,000, while those in the bottom 10th earned just over $40,000.

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    Crime Scene Investigator Salary and Job Outlook The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that as of 2016, detectives and criminal investigators earn an average annual salary of $81,490. 1 Salary can vary depending on factors such as education, experience, and geographic location.

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    HSI criminal investigators, also referred to as special agents, conduct criminal and civil investigations involving national security threats, terrorism, drug smuggling, child exploitation, human trafficking, illegal arms export, financial crimes, identity fraud, benefit fraud, commercial fraud and more.

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    Aspiring criminal investigators generally need at least a high school diploma or equivalent for entry-level jobs at state and local law enforcement agencies. Obtaining an associate's, bachelor's, or even a master's degree in criminal justice or law enforcement can lead to advancement and better pay.

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Current Criminal Investigator Job Postings

Surveillance Investigator (Part-Time) (Frasco Inc) - Nashua, NH

Criminal Investigator I (North Dakota State Government) - North Dakota

INVESTIGATOR (Department of Defense) - Arlington, VA

Investigator (Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury) - Nashville, TN

Lead Criminal Investigator (Highmark) - Pittsburgh, PA

Investigator/Technical Specialist (New York State Office of the Attorney General) - Syracuse, NY

Investigator, Tobacco Enforcement (Virginia Attorney General) - Fairfax County, VA


Criminal Investigator, Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office (Kansas Peace Officers Association) - Sedgwick County, CO

Criminal Investigator II (SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA) - San Jose, CA

POLICE INVESTIGATOR (Non-Sworn & Part-Ti... (City of National City, CA) - National City, CA

Criminal Investigator I/II (Stanislaus County, CA) - Modesto, CA

Criminal Investigator (Veterans Affairs, Inspector General) - Phoenix, AZ

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