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Current Heat Treat Operator Job Postings

Heat Treat Induction Hardening Operator (United Gear and Assembly) - Hudson, WI 54016

Heat Treat Operator - LPC-S (PCC) - Portland, OR

Furnace Operator - SSBO (PCC) - Clackamas, OR

Heat Treat Operator / Furnace Operator (Winston Heat Treating Inc.) - Dayton, OH 45402

Heat Treat Operator () - Houston, TX

Heat Treat Operator-The Woodlands, TX (Baker Hughes) - The Woodlands, TX

Excavator Operator (Friendly Plumber, Heating, and Air) - Salt Lake City, UT

HEAT TREAT OPERATOR () - Orchard Park, NY - Buffalo, NY

Heat Treat Operator - 3rd Shift (Eaton) - South Carolina

Heat Treat Operator-The Woodlands, TX (Baker Hughes) - Woodlands, MB - USA

Heat Treat Operator 4 (United Technologies) - Columbus, GA

Operator (ATI) - Portland, IN 47371

Heat Treat Operator-The Woodlands, TX (Baker Hughes) - The Woodlands, TX

Heat Treat Operator (Tex-Isle) - Robstown, TX

Heat Treat Operator (Eagle Claw) - Denver, CO

Manufacturing Heat Treat Operator (Staffmark) - Greenwood, IN

Frac Heater Operator (NON DOT) - Platteville, CO (Heat Waves Hot Oil Service) - Platteville, CO 80651

Heat Treat Operator - GER04641 (Gerdau) - Huntington, IN

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