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Red Cross stove

The Red Cross stove is a kitchen or parlor stove used for cooking and heating mainly North American homes of the late 19th and early 20th century. The reason for the name "Red Cross" was because of the advertising logo, which featured a red Gothic cross.[1]

The "Red Cross" stove was manufactured in various versions and models from 1867 to 1930 by the Co-Operative Foundry Company of Rochester, New York, United States. This company made all kinds of heating stoves and cooking ranges, and had a catalogue that featured a Maltese red cross.[2] [A] It eventually went out of business in 1930. This company that made the "Red Cross" stove was originally organized in 1867 by Nicholas Brayer and Edward W. Peck as the Co-Operative Foundry Company. Frank N. Brayer, father of Nicholas, became its president. Nicholas Brayer was foreman at the John M. French Foundry Company in the mid-19th century where the "Red Cross" stove and other heating stoves were being manufactured originally. That production part of the company branched off on its own and became the Co-Operative Foundry Company.[3] The company prospered at a time when the furnace and stove industry was in flux, with many operations closing or moving — proximity to new sources of demand, costs of transport, and location of raw materials were important factors.[4]

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