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Library technician

A library technician or library assistant is a skilled library and information professional trained to perform the day-to-day functions of a library, and assists librarians in the acquisition, preparation, and organization of information. They also assist library patrons in finding information. The widespread use of computerized information storage and retrieval systems has resulted in library technicians assisting in the handling of technical services (such as cataloguing) that were once performed exclusively by librarians. Especially in small village libraries, a library technician may be the only person (or one of only a few) staffing the library. In larger libraries, they may help run certain departments and supervise library clerks, aides, and volunteers. Because libraries are increasingly using new technologies (such as automated databases, CD-ROM, the Internet, and virtual libraries), the role of the library technician is expanding and evolving accordingly.

Library technicians differ from librarians in terms of education and main duties. Library technicians typically require a diploma, or, ideally, an associate degree in library technology from a community college or other similar institution, whereas librarians require a master's degree in library science from an accredited university-based graduate school of library and information science. Typically a librarian will have had an undergraduate baccalaureate degree in either library science or a field in which they wish to specialize, like history, prior to graduate study. However, for varying reasons, not all librarians are trained yet at the graduate level as professional societies and legal statutes would prefer, and so, as indicated above, sometimes technicians or other individuals with enough training must fill the role.[1]

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Current Library Technician Job Posting

LIBRARY TECHNICIAN VII (State of Hawaii) - Hawaii

Library Technician - SE Campus (Portland Community College) - Portland, OR 97280

Research Technician, Basic Medical Sciences (Phoenix, AZ) (University of Arizona) - Phoenix, AZ

Lighting Technician (DayLite Maintenance) - Orange, CA 92868

Library Technician (PAE) - Aurora, CO

LIBRARY TECHNICIAN V (State of Hawaii) - Hawaii

Part-time Library Technician () - San Diego, CA

Part-time Library Technician (Kelly Services) - Southfield, MI

Library Technician (Part-Time) - LAC Group (LAC Group) - Washington DC

University Library Technician (North Carolina A&T) - North Carolina

Library Technician (Part-Time) (Harris County) - Houston, TX

Part-time Library Technician (Kelly Services) - Southfield, MI

Library Technician - San Diego Campus - Alliant International University (Alliant International University) - San Diego, CA 92131

Library Technician (Legislative Branch) - Washington, DC

Biomed Technician II (Banner Health) - Loveland, CO

Library Technician II (State of Oklahoma) - Oklahoma

CRM Support Technician (Holiday Retirement) - Winter Park, FL

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