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Conservation technician

A Conservation Technician is a specialist who is trained in basic conservation methods pertaining to cultural property and may work in museums or public or private conservation organizations.[1][2] Typically an individual may work with or be subordinate to a conservator. A technician may also work in conjunction with other collection staff, such as a registrar (museum) or collection manager.[3]

A conservation technician may have a broad range of responsibilities. They may be required to create housing for objects going on exhibit or update documentation on the status of an object. Other responsibilities may include conducting tests, assessing the condition of an object and helping set up exhibits. Some types of responsibilities are dependent on the museum the technician works. In a large organization a conservation technician may conduct one specific activity, such as sampling paint layers. In other museums a conservation technician may be required to conduct a wide variety of tasks, such as research, labeling objects, monitoring environmental conditions and examining works of art.[4] For example, a technician may be asked to examine and document a newly acquired cultural object. They may document the type of materials used in the object as well as any observed degradation to the object. Additionally, the technician will document previous restoration techniques to the object.

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