Orthopedic Surgeon Salary


Orthopedic surgeons perform surgery on human musculoskeletal system after a thorough examination and diagnosis. Orthopedics may use non-surgical or surgical methods to treat broken bones, fractures, injuries, diseases, trauma and infections. They conduct musculoskeletal reconstruction, repair torn tendons, ligaments and age related deterioration. Orthopedic surgeons are usually specialized in areas such as joint replacements, necks, backs and treating sports injuries. Employment opportunities are plenty for orthopedic surgeons in the healthcare related units and in sports medicine practice.

The salary generally ranges between $171,470 and $374,020. Some of the popular industries to hire orthopedic surgeons are healthcare institutes that pay salary ranging from$149.650 to $297,470, hospitals pay salary ranging from $149,740 to $298,150, medical services pay salary ranging from $148,600 to $300,220, orthopedic units pay a salary from $159,020 to $305,800, orthopedic surgery centers pay from $160,790 to $314,760, federal government pays an annual salary ranging from $103,300 to $263,000, state or local government pays an annual salary ranging from $33,000 to $250,000, private practice/firms pay $196,240 to $356,540 and self employed orthopedic surgeons earn an annual salary ranging from $202,260 to $400,000.

Hourly wages ranges from $26.00 to $203.50 per hour, depending upon the number of years of experience. Depending upon the size of the industry, the salary ranges from $126,480 to $520,000. Apart from salary, health benefits like medical, dental and vision insurances are some of the benefits that most healthcare organizations offer resident orthopedic surgeons. Bonus benefits depend upon the industry size and experience of the individual. Bonus benefits can range from $10,110 to $25,600.Theis also based on the medical degree of individuals. Individuals with a degree in medicine earn around $154,485 to $341,650 per year. Board certified surgeons earn annual salaries ranging from $252,100 to $492,560. Based on experience the salary can be as follows.

Orthopedic surgeons with less than one year experience can earn an annual salary ranging from $66,130 to $310,300, those with 1 to 4 years experience earn from $108,990 to $304,620, with 5 to 9 years experience, salary ranges from $197,140 to $356,600, with 10 to 19 years experience, salary ranges from $191,220 to $386,860 and for individuals with 20 years or more experience ranges from $213,650 to $418,190. An orthopedic surgeon employed as a resident medical officer earns an annual salary from $43,890 to $54,370, physician/doctor, sports medicine earns $81,260 to $182,430 and physician/doctor, and internal medicine earns $112,860 to $172,670.

A highly skilled orthopedic surgeon’s salaries vary according to their specific skills. A skilled surgeon earns an annual salary ranging from $200,000 to $442,190 and an orthopedic earns a salary of $193,550 to $457,810.

The salary also varies according to the geographical location. Orthopedic surgeons in New York ranges from $175,000 to $294,790, in Los Angeles, salaries range from $150,000 to $450,000, in Chicago neurologist salary range from $197,660 to $353,750, in Boston salaries range from $78,500 to $360,500, in Houston, salaries range from $152,310 to $406,950, in Atlanta, salaries range from $166,980 to $393,050 and orthopedic surgeon salary in Pittsburgh ranges from $212,500 to $561,710.

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