Registered Nurse Salary


A healthcare professional responsible for the recovery and care of chronically and acutely ill people, a registered nurse specializes in different fields including cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine. Numerous career opportunities are offered to them by hospitals, non-profit organizations, foundations as well as governmental agencies. They can work as registered general nurses, second level nurses, specialist nurses and managers. Learn more about them by looking at the usual salaries of nurses.

Salaries of Registered Nurses Based on Length of Service

One of the most important factors that affect the salaries of registered nurses is their length of service. The hourly rate of entry-level nurses is around $18 to $20 while those who have been employed for a year to 4 years receive $19 to $21 an hour. Those who have been practicing their profession for 5 years to 9 years have an hourly rate of $23 to $25. Professionals who have been nursing sick individuals for 10 years to 19 years get $25 to $27 an hour. Finally, those who are employed for at least 20 years get an hourly rate of $27 to $29.

Salaries of Registered Nurses Based on Employer Type

The type of employment of registered nurses also affects their hourly rate. Those who are employed by hospitals usually receive $25 an hour while professionals who are recruited by companies get an hourly rate of $18. Non-profit organizations who hire registered nurses pay them $23 an hour. On the other hand, state and federal governmental agencies offer them $19 to $22 an hour. Nurses who work at colleges and universities receive an hourly rate of $24. Finally, self-employed nurses typically get $15 an hour.

Salaries of Registered Nurses Based on Specialties and Skills

Nurses who work at surgery or general medicine get an hourly pay of $24 and those who specialize in geriatrics receive an hourly rate of $18. Professionals who work in intensive care unit are paid $26 an hour while registered nurses who are assigned in acute care receive an hourly rate of $23. Individuals who are assigned in emergency rooms get an hourly rate of $25 and those who work in hospices receive $15 an hour.

More Points on Registered Nurse Salary and Employment

Hospitals, companies, non-profit organizations, hospices and governmental agencies hire thousands of registered nurses a year. In order to increase the chances that new nurses will be hired, it is best if they specialize in related fields like child nursing, adult nursing, learning disabilities nursing as well as mental health nursing.

The educational and career requirements for registered nurses vary from one place to another. The same goes with their salaries. To maximize the opportunities offered to them, it is important if they weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each position. In addition, it is necessary to learn the different factors that can affect the compensation packages offered to them by employers. Above all, it is essential that they practice this profession for at least 10 years since their benefits and salaries improve as their length of service increases.

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