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Sports Psychology is a field of psychology that has just become popular within the last few decades. It combines kinesiology and psychology with the study of sports and exercise. For those who are interested in psychology and passionate about sports, sports psychology just might be the perfect degree for you. Here are some basic facts about sports psychology.

1. The main focus of sports psychology is the psychological and mental factors that occur due to participation in sports, exercise, or other forms of physical activities or that lead someone to participate in them.

2. A person who works as a sports psychologist applies his or her psychology expertise to the study of sports and exercise. Their main focus is how physical activity can affect a person’s well-being.

3. Athletes often work with sports psychologists in order to improve their athletic performance by developing mental strategies. If an athlete is facing certain mental obstacles that are keeping them from reaching their potential, a sports psychologist professional can help the person overcome these difficulties. Such mental conditioning help an athlete reach his or her potential.

4. Sports psychologists also work with individuals to help them cope with the pressure of competing. Athletes at all levels face this type of stress, which might include pressure from parents, coaches, team members, or fans. Personal expectations can also cause an athlete stress and anxiety.

5. Coaches of youth sports teams might work with a sports psychologist in order to find ways to motivate their team and promote positive self-esteem. They might also work directly with youth athletes in order to make their experience of playing sports more enjoyable.

6. Injured athletes often work with sports psychologists through their process of rehabilitation. An injured athlete might need help following the requirements of physical therapy, dealing with frustration and anger, or getting used to the fact that they can no longer compete in their sport.

7. Sports psychologists can work with individuals or groups who need assistance with increasing or maintaining a certain level of physical fitness. A sports psychologist can design an exercise motivation program for corporations, weight loss clubs, therapy groups, or other groups of people.

Current Sport Psychology Job Postings

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Sports Minded - MARKETING AND SALES (White House Marketing) - Corona, NY

Children's Sports & Fitness Instructor (My Gym Children's Fitness Center) - Glen Rock, NJ

Cognitive Performance Specialist (Planned Systems International) - United States

Cognitive Performance Coach Job (SAIC) - Chicago, IL

Assistant Professor of Psychology (California State University-Los Angeles) - Los Angeles, CA

Clinical Psychology Practice at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center) - Columbus, OH

Cognitive Performance Coach Job (SAIC) - New York, NY

Educational Advocate - Psychology (Grant-Funded) (Johns Hopkins Medicine) - Saint Petersburg, FL

Entry Level Sales & Marketing - Immediate Hire (Epoch Marketing) - Birmingham, AL

Cognitive Performance Specialist (General Dynamics Information Technology) - Cannon AFB, NM

Neuropsychometrist - Psychology (Johns Hopkins Medicine) - Saint Petersburg, FL

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